Hold Back The Tide- Blog Tour

Hello everyone!!!! in today’s post I am going to give a short review about the book and 15 thoughts I had while reading the book.


Hold Back The Tide- Melinda Salisbury

Publication Date: January 5th, 2021

ISBN: 9781547605231

Here are the rules of living with a murderer.
One: Do not draw attention to yourself.
Of course, when you live with a murderer, this is impossible. Even the subtlest of spectres is bound to be noticed. Which leads to the next rule.
Two: If you can’t be invisible, be useful.
Everyone in this quiet lakeside community knows that Alva’s father killed her mother, all those years ago. There wasn’t enough proof to arrest him, though, and with no other family, Alva’s been forced to live with her mother’s murderer, doing her best to survive until she can earn enough money to run away.
One of her chores is to monitor water levels in the loch-a task her father takes very seriously. Their family has been the guardian of the loch for generations. It’s a cold, lonely task, and a few times, Alva can swear she feels someone watching her.
But the more Alva investigates, the more she realizes that the truth can be more monstrous than lies, and that you can never escape your past …


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My Opinion-*

This book started with a murder mystery and ended with a ancient creature. And the whole time I was like what a turn.The story arc is well written that it will keep you hook to the story. Also the description of the characters and the places was beautiful crafted. Overall the story was good, but the characters made the story more better.

The main character of the story is Alva, who is a very strong minded character. And also she dealing with the past trauma and wants to leave the village. Her character development through the story was nicely written. This book was a good read. So do go and read the book.

My Rating-

15 Thoughts I Had While Reading-

1. Interesting start of the story.
2. Ren seems like an interesting character.
3. There is always a character like Giles…
4. To be honest I don’t feel like the father is a murder but we will see about that.
5.Alva you have a friend, run away with them.
6. I feel so bad for Alva’s mother.
7.Coffee to the rescue.
8. Oh God no!!!
9. Yes finally the interesting part.
10. It is about to go down.
11. They caught the thing.
12.Dont make promises you can’t keep kids.
13. I know something bad is going to happen.
14.I knew this would be the twist.
15.The book ended way to soon.

About The Author –

Melinda Salisbury was born in the 1980s in a landlocked city, before escaping to live by the sea. As a child, she genuinely thought Roald Dahl’s Matilda was her biography. When she’s not trying to unlock the hidden avenues of her mind, she’s reading, writing, or traveling. She lives in the UK and can be found on Twitter as @MESalisbury, though be warned she tweets often.

*Thank you the author and publisher for providing with the e-arc of the book. And thank you to The Book Terminal for organising this tour. All the above opinions are mine own.

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This is it for today!! I hope you read the book and blog posts of the tour. I will see you all in the next post! Take care!

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