DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow season 4

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 1 to 4; I don’t know why people don’t like this show. For me this is a good show. Well I like time travelling and superheroes so this show was totally for me. And I get it if people don’t like the show everyone has different likes and dislike.... Continue Reading →


The Flash Season 5;

The Flash show season 5 Episode 1 to 5 I am going to try to make this post with less spoilers. Flash is one my favourite show due to lot of reasons which should stay for other blog post. But there was time during season 3 I wanted to stop watching the show because it... Continue Reading →

100 Truths Tag

Hey!!! I am going to be answering 100 random question about myself!! So excited to do this tag. Thank you Bookish Owlette for tagging me. Sorry I am late by months to do this but here it is !!! THE BASICS 1 What’s your name? Priyanka 2 Any nicknames or aliases? Piyu/Pri 3 Your gender?... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tail

WE AER GETTING A SEQUEL!!!! I am so damn excited. Yes you can see that by my all caps beginning. But I had to okay. The manga ended year ago.I am still not over it, I wanted more of fairy tail because that anime is the best.But we are getting a new season of the... Continue Reading →

Bleach -Anime/Manga

You all don't get confused I am not going to talk about the other Bleach you were thinking about. I am sad that the manga ended. Okay I know it ended in 2016 but I can't just get over the fact. And anyways I didn't have a blog that time to talk about it so... Continue Reading →

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